Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Disaster Recovery reference architecture for data stores

It is always recommended to do DR planning at solution level which means that all the components making the solution should be well co-ordinated during DR. But to reach the solution level, it is important that DR design of individual components is ready.

This post documents a reference design of an important component of any solution which is Data/State store. This component is accessed by application tiers. This post is not about High Availability – Load Balancing combination. But, deals with DR scenarios where the secondary/DR site is in hot/warm/cold state.

Below diagram states the reference design of how the DR architecture commonly looks like. DR Agents play a critical role of when to call it a DR and based on that the app configuration changes to connect to available instance of Data Store.


So what are the considerations when designing the DR solution for Data Store ? Here are few important ones:

  • How application will store connection string to data store and how it will get updated at the time of DR.
  • How the DR site will be provisioned ?
  • What will be the state of DR site at normal times – hot/warm/cold. This will depend on RTO/RPO objectives and will also determine the provisioning method.
  • How the replication of data will happen between primary and DR site.
  • How the failover will happen from primary to DR site ?
  • How the failback will happen from DR to primary site ?

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

When to move out of your comfort zone

In the recent issue of HBR, Andy Molinsky has come with something really useful around when to move out of your comfort zone. There is lot of advice on moving out but this one really helps you prepare that. Here is a quick summary of what Andy recommends.


Friday, September 9, 2016

IT4IT–Business of IT


IT4IT is the latest open standard from Open Group which tries to fill the gap created due to individual frameworks available for various lifecycle stages of Business of IT. These frameworks do not integrate well with each other and that’s what IT4IT tries to address.

I recently got a chance to meet Lars Rossen who is the Chief Architect of IT4IT and his vision around IT4IT and future of Business of IT is exactly what industry needs today.

..more coming soon on this.