Saturday, October 8, 2011

Oracle Public cloud is PaaS and SaaS


Recently Oracle joined the list of Public Cloud providers. Simply put Oracle’s public cloud is combination of:

- PaaS : Platform as a service – allows you to run java code/application with Oracle database engine in the cloud and weblogic as app engine

- SaaS : Software as a service – Hosts few of the Oracle’s popular enterprise apps like Fusion CRM & HCM. Also introduces Social Network – an enterprise wide communication and collaboration platform with a connect to customers and partners

The main components include :

1. Oracle Fusion CRM Cloud Service

2. Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud Service

3. Oracle Social Network

4. Oracle Java Cloud Service

5. Oracle Database Cloud Service

Other highlights include monthly subscription service, against multi-tenancy, self-service.

This is surely going to be hit with teams developing java apps.

Here is how the Oracle Cloud architecture looks like


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