Sunday, November 6, 2011

CIOs : Same Vision but Different Goals

IBM’s recent CIO study brings out a very important fact about the diversity in mandate which CIOs worldwide face.

The mandate spectrum spans from as legacy as digitization/computerization to IT being expected of radically innovating.

The report categorizes it into four following zones:

Leverage : Streamline Operations and increase organizational effectiveness

Expand : Refines business processes and enhance collaboration

Transform : Change the industry value chain through improved relationships

Pioneer : Radically innovate products, markets, business models


Every organization’s priority lies in one of these zones and so it becomes very important for CIOs and their teams to operate according to their organization and not just focus on ‘Pioneer’.

But still with all these different expectations with regards to goal, the Vision remains same and that is of creating value for business.

Another fact which report highlights is the industry distribution across these zones. The figure below shows distribution of industries in Pioneer zone.


It clearly shows how Financial industry is pioneering in terms of using IT to their advantage in terms of innovating.

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