Saturday, November 5, 2011

Disaster Recovery, BCP and Cloud

Few days back I blogged about the spirit with which BCP or DR should be planned. Continuing on that here are two recent whitepapers published by Amazon and Microsoft on utilizing cloud as DR environment.


This paper talks about how Amazon’s AWS can be used as a DR environment and how various AWS services can play role in that including S3 and EC2.

It also includes backup and restore.



Microsoft’s paper takes more holistic approach which includes how Windows Phone can participate in an event of DR.



john4you said...

Thanks for sharing the post related to hybrid cloud software which is highly informative. Hybrid cloud is the great solution for cloud disaster recovery to reduce costs and maintain high availability into the enterprises. Please share some more information on this topic.

cloud disaster recovery said...

Disaster recovery plan is the most important thing for any business in 2016. Everything is made online, even if you are an artist you probably pass your payments, tax and more by a computer. The worst thing will be losing your business record and history in one downtime!