Monday, January 16, 2012

Cloud Security Alliance Summit at RSA 2012

Cloud Security

Summit Agenda

Keynote: “Solving Cloud Access Complexity Through a Broker Model”

The recommended cloud security stack, standards, and operating frameworks have rapidly evolved into a set of production quality best practices for the Enterprise to use to engage each cloud provider. However, as scale is applied, managing 1-n cloud relationships and services across hybrid environments points to a brokered or intermediary model to solve security complexity, aggregate services, & add new value. Intel will present how a Cloud Access Layer & CSA standards managed by IT, Integrators or Provider “brokers” can solve complexity for user and application service interactions with the cloud.

Keynote: “Securing an OpenStack Cloud”

Panel: “Cloud Innovation - The Panel's View on the Next Generation of Cloud Security Devices and Services”

This panel will give attendees insight into next generation cloud security devices and services. This panel will feature experts who will examine the next iteration of innovation in Cloud Security and how these devices and services advance the industry.

Panel: “National and International Security Standards - The Viability of Cross-Jurisdictional Solutions”

Today’s security standards are based on historical, legacy information technologies and don’t necessarily address cloud computing environments in an effective manner. Attempts to update them are an improvement, but will we be able to create a single (or limited) number of standards that will be viable across borders and jurisdictions? This panel discussion will cover the current standards, their applicability and a look into the future of cloud computing standards.

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