Monday, January 9, 2012

The Green Cloud


While each one of us are well aware of the biggest benefits of Cloud Computing which are Cost efficiency and Agility. There is an increasing consensus that technologies like virtualization, data center and cloud computing helps in efficient use of resources like electricity and in turn helps reducing carbon emissions. In summary helps IT shops becoming greener.

  • ICT as an industry contributes  over  2% to  the  overall  global  CO2 emissions,  a similar level as the aviation industry.
  • Recent surveys by Gartner show that sustainable business practices will be a top five priority for more than 60 percent of Western European and North American Chief Executive Officers in the year to come.

“Cooling  currently  accounts for  up to  50% of a  Datacenter’s power consumption, therefore there needs to be a new focus on how businesses can improve the efficiency in how they deliver their IT services which in turn would lead to reductions in both heat generated and power consumed”

So, what are your thoughts on this ? Beyond hardware consolidation, how can you design greener architectures ?

Calligo has some interesting thoughts on this.

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