Friday, February 17, 2012

Content Curation in 5 Steps


Content Curation is the antidote for Information Overload.

Here are the basic steps done during content curation.


Discover refers to activity where you decide the topic of your content curation. It can be need of yours, organization or community in general.


One you have decided on the topic you start researching it. This includes collecting all the content which has already been published related to this topic. It includes exploring books, blogs, feeds, twitter, journals and even talking to people and publishing surveys.


After collection all the related content already published, now is the time to select the quality and unique ones. Rest is all discarded or archived.


This step refers to studying and understanding the selected material. Connecting the isolated content published and figuring out the gaps. Filling those gaps by creating the content. Creating something which is useful and unique.


Share refers to publishing or teaching the new content produced in form of blog, book, presentations, podcast, etc.

I welcome comments from all content curators.

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