Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Content Curation Types

This is third post in Content Curation series.

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There are basically three types of curation engines:

Individual – This is the one which we all do to get best and add our part to it. We use Twitter, facebook, Google Reader, etc to aggregate best of content for our reading. We even share our curated content with others to consume.

Crowd – Yes, the wisdom of crowd. This is what you see on digg or trending topics on twitter.

Software – This is the only automated engine and is becoming more and more popular and efficient. These are the agents which continuously scan the web for popular and highly rated content. Two of the good examples are:

News gadget on iGoogle 




Every type of engine has its own pros and cons. While the individuals can do a personalized curation, software based curation helps in discovering new content.

The goal is to create an engine which brings best of all three types.

Do you know of any such engine ?

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larry parba said...

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