Monday, March 5, 2012

The Open Group Conference - Cannes, France. April 201


As technologies such as Cloud Computing, mobile, social, and big data/analytics mature (the four pillars), organizations will increasingly look to implement them as part of their Enterprise Transformation projects.  The Open Group Conference in Cannes will provide an opportunity for delegates to:

  • Further investigate the use of the four pillars based on real-life experiences and best practices
  • Learn how they can be utilized to best affect as part of a standards-based Enterprise Architecture (EA) strategy
  • Understand how organizations move from an IT-centric to an enterprise-centric position that includes a more complete view of the business and not just IT?

These will be followed by learning opportunities, including tutorials and case studies, within tracks, such as:

  • EA and Enterprise Transformation
  • EA Professional Development
  • Trusted Technology
  • Agile Enterprise Architecture
  • Cyber and Cloud Security.

On a lighter note, The Open Group Conference in Cannes will also play host to the third Open Cannes Awards, a fun evening amongst the serious side of the Conference!  Find out more about the Awards and how you can get involved.

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