Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Architecture Description confirming to ISO Standard

This is the third post of the series discussing the recently released ISO standard for Architecture Description.

Post 1 : Understanding ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010:2011 : Standard for Architecture description

Post 2 : Communicating Architecture : Key Terms of 42010

While the standard defines various elements of Architecture Description and their relationships, it also specifies requirements which should be complied with for conformance.

The Standard defines four cases of conformance:

  1. architecture description (AD)
  2. architecture framework
  3. architecture description language (ADL)
  4. architecture viewpoint

Here are the primary requirements for each component:

Architecture Description (AD)

  1. AD Identification & Overview
  2. Identify stakeholders and their concerns
  3. Include Viewpoints addressing those concerns
  4. Create views satisfying those viewpoints
  5. Connect views with conformance
  6. Putting down decisions and rationale behind them

Architecture Viewpoint

  1. Identification of stakeholders and their concerns
  2. Model kinds used
  3. Details for model kinds like languages, notations, modelling techniques, etc.
  4. references to its sources

Architecture Description Language

  1. Identification of stakeholders and their concerns
  2. Model kinds implemented
  3. Viewpoints & correspondence rules related to above model kinds

Architecture Framework

  1. Identification of stakeholders and their concerns
  2. Architecture viewpoints that frame those concerns
  3. Correspondence rules integrating those viewpoints

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