Monday, December 12, 2011

CIO vs Millennials : Blurring Corporate IT firewalls


I was going through Accenture’s research report on Millennials and the challenges they are bringing to CIOs. Its an interesting research which highlights some challenges which can be considered as one of the drivers for cloud adoption and mobility. Overall the trend it shows is called Consumerization of IT (CoIT).

Most of the new workforce entering corporate firewall belongs to Millennials generations and CIOs belong to one prior to that. Clearly, there is a generation gap. CIOs have mandate to protect the enterprise data and comply to regulatory and audit requirements while workforce wants following:

  • While entering into workplace, they do want to feel as if they are entering a prison and still want full view to outside world. They want technology at workplace which is latest and unrestricted.
  • While leaving workplace, they want to take it with them. They want flexibility to work from anywhere using any device.

Here are some interesting infographics from the report:

technology is important

They feel technology is must to perform at workplace.

Here is the shocker .. technology available plays an important role in selection of employer.

Career decision

CIOs must be prepared for all of this. While the above points highlight only internal challenges, soon similar kind of expectation will start coming from customer, partners, etc as they are also overtaken by Millennials.

Next is Strategies for Embracing Consumerization.

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