Thursday, December 8, 2011

Open Group Conference, San Francisco


Gain the tools and knowledge you need to introduce meaningful Enterprise Transformation....

The Open Group Conference in San Francisco will focus on the role played by IT and EA within Enterprise Transformation. Through practical learning opportunities based on real-life experiences and case studies, attendees at the Conference will have the opportunity to gain a valuable insight into:

  • The differences between EA and Enterprise Transformation, and how they relate to one another
  • The use of EA to facilitate Enterprise Transformation
  • How EA can be used to create a foundation for Enterprise Transformation that the board and business-line managers can understand and use to their advantage
  • How EA facilitates transformation within IT, and how does such transformation support the transformation of the enterprise as whole
  • How EA can help the enterprise successfully adapt to ‘disruptive technologies’ like Cloud Computing and ubiquitous mobile access.

These and other questions about Enterprise Transformation will be answered at The Open Group Conference in San Francisco.

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